How Sweet the Symphony of the Redeemed

In my previous blog post, I mentioned the way this year’s class here at School of the Bible has grown far beyond what we expected.  (We already added one new student since I wrote that post, and are likely to add at least two more.)

Today I would like to pick up where that post left off.  Thinking about the variety of  nations and cultures we have here.  In our class we have students from at least six countries (more may be coming), and multiple countries are also represented among our staff.  The cultural mix is part of what keeps life so fun.

There is something that my friend Winkie Pratney often says that I always thought was really powerful.  “When an infinite God expresses Himself finitely, it always comes out different.  That’s why you can go to a church and everyone looks different, but somehow they all look like Him.”

I found myself thinking of these things today during a class worship time, listening to different accents coming out as people sang, and prayers that were said in multiple languages.  Many countries, languages, and cultures, but one Lord and one family of faith.

So today, look at the people around you, and see if you can catch a glimpse of Jesus in them.  The infinite God is also a personal God, and has shown that by making each of us in His own image.  Everyone different (physically, culturally, linguistically, or whatever), but we are all meant to somehow look like Him.  What do you look like today?

A quick sidenote: the title for this post was inspired by the song “Symphony of the Redeemed”  by Paul Colman, lead singer of the aptly named Paul Colman Trio.  Feel free to have a listen below.


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