Today, I pulled a knife on someone.

They say confession is good for the soul.  Well, here’s my confession: today in class, I pulled a knife on one of my students.  Intentionally.

In my defense, let it be known to one and all that he did volunteer, although I didn’t exactly tell him beforehand what he was volunteering for…

Of course, the reason for pulling the knife was a teaching example to make a point for the class, and to make it memorable.  (I think I succeeded at that.)  The moral of today’s story?  When I’m teaching, pay attention in class and be careful what you volunteer for.  😉

p.s. No students were actually harmed in the course of my teaching.

9 thoughts on “Today, I pulled a knife on someone.

    • I was teaching on physical law and natural instinct. The illustration was that if I were to swing my knife down with a great degree of force onto Jackson’s wrist, everyone would expect his hand to fall off. Why? Because that is just the way things naturally work in the physical world. If someone is cut, they bleed. If they are maimed, they bleed profusely. 😉

  1. Talk about a great hook! If I could start all my fiction that way, I bet I could guarantee that everyone would read on. Too funny. (And what a way to inspire students to listen!)

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