Something’s Cooking

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the way God acts and reacts with the world He created, how we respond to Him, and how He responds to us.  It’s a two-way relationship, not a one-sided thing.  (As you can see, I’m quite good at stating the obvious.)

I have a lot bubbling up in my brain right now, words that need to be sorted out to be shared on this blog.  I’m excited, but also praying hard that what I write will be clear, and more than that that it will line up with scripture.

Last time I checked, I wasn’t infallible, and I can be as biased as the next person, but there are some things I think I “get” at some level, and I’m planning on writing a lot more about that next week.

For tonight however, things are just cooking inside.  Concepts marinating to be shared shortly.  Thank you everyone for your patience!  (And yes, there will be something fun up tomorrow for Free Form Friday.)

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