Time is Tickin’ Away

“Time is tickin’…it keeps on tickin’…yes time is ticking away…”
So says the classic dcTalk song, and there is definitely some truth to it.  How do we measure the time we have?

Of course this is the part of the blog where I’m supposed to get serious, and yes there is a very important aspect of time management in life.  But this is Friday, more specifically Free Form Friday.  So I think I’ll just have a bit of fun instead.  😉

I realized something this past week: the way I perceive time depends in large part on how I measure it.  Like everyone else I know, I keep plenty busy.  I’ve been trying to become more consistent with this blog, and with writing in general, and have also started working on a short story.
As a way of trying to keep myself on track with budgeting time for that earlier this week, I set a timer on my laptop for about half an hour, while wondering if I could budget out that block of time for writing.  More experienced writers will laugh at me, I know.  But hey, give a little grace to a newbie.  🙂

Ok, so get on with the story…  Anyone who knows me well can attest to the fact that I’m a music junkie.  I love going to concerts, and it’s  a wonder I’m not deaf yet from overuse of my ipod.  (Although I do attempt to keep the volume at least semi-reasonable.   Wait, did you say something?  I didn’t hear it? 😉 )  So I decided to do the logical thing and make a writing playlist of sorts to listen to while I worked.
I chose a few songs, keeping an eye on the cumulative time adding up for the playlist.  Suddenly, “how could I write for half an hour at a time?” turned into, “wait, that’s only 6 songs! That’s SO SHORT!”  Sometimes it really is all a matter of perspective.

My brief writing playlist (if you really wanna know) was as follows:

“Baby Boy” by Arch Nemesiz

“My World View” by Audio Adrenaline

“The Orphan” by Newsboys

“Between You and Me” by dcTalk

“Love is the Answer” by Jody Davis (incidentally, the guitarist for the aforementioned Newsboys)

“Missing” by for KING & COUNTRY

So do you have any suggestions to add to my playlist?  Or a special playlist of your own that you’d like to share?  I’m all ears.  🙂
p.s.  Please feel free to enjoy the aptly-titled song on the player below.

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