Serving the Invisible (guest post by Alene Snodgrass)

Serving the Invisible

As I reach out to those down-and-out in the inner city where I live, I’m always taken back by how many of them feel invisible.

Why do they feel invisible?

Could it be because we walk right by them ignoring their very being?

Could it be because we look the other way when we see them on the street corner?

Could it be because they have been told they were worthless since the day they were born?

Could it be because we don’t trust them?

I can tell you, it’s all the above. 

Most of the broken souls I’ve had an opportunity to meet and hear their stories all weave the same messages amid their stories. If you will but stop and listen you will hear the same.

“I was brought being told I would never amount to anything. When hard times hit and I found myself homeless being ignored by passerby’s perpetuated those feelings of worthlessness. People think I don’t see their looks or hear their rude remarks, but I do. While I know I’m not invisible, many days I wish I were.”

Those thoughts break my heart.

Today, let’s choose to see those around us. Let’s look them straight in the eye and say “hello!”

Let’s let the light of Christ shine through us to them.

(About Alene Snodgrass:  Alene loves to tell the story. With a heart for the broken, Alene Snodgrass speaks, writes, and blogs about her real life experiences serving people in the inner city. Alene’s blog,, is where many come who are seeking and searching to be challenged to find their purpose through serving others.

You can connect with her on Facebook or Twitter. Download Graffiti: scribbles from both sides of the street Alene’s new ebook written by herself and her homeless friend, Rick. Graffiti reached #7 in free Kindle rankings the first day it was released. Download it here.

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3 thoughts on “Serving the Invisible (guest post by Alene Snodgrass)

  1. My heart breaks for folks who’ve been told they’re worthless and who wish they were invisible simply because that’s how they’ve been treated all their lives! Truth be told, I’ve been guilty on many occasion of passing folks by and not giving them another thought, too wrapped up in my own little world. But, oh, when I recognize my failings, I pray for another opportunity to show His grace & love. And those times of being able to minister to hurting folks are so wonderful. Oh to be more like Jesus!

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