Free Form Friday: The Saga of a Waterlogged Laptop

broken laptop

I had a minor disaster earlier this week.  A friend accidentally knocked a vase full of water onto my laptop.  Sadly, aforementioned laptop could not be resurrected, and I am now on the hunt for a replacement.  (any and all donations will be gladly accepted 😉  Only joking…kind of…  😉 )

I know that sometimes computers can be salvaged after water is spilled on them, so it was an “interesting” time for me, attempting different methods.

I thought that I would share a (hopefully) humorous guide for everyone’s benefit.  With that said, I give you the following…

Steps to realizing that I am not, nor will I ever be, a Computer Technician (or, my futile attempts to resurrect my waterlogged laptop):

  1. React in horror and try not to panic after realizing the laptop has been thoroughly drenched in liquid detrimental to its continued functioning.
  2. Run around like a chicken with my head cut off, looking for paper towels to begin absorbing aforementioned hostile invasion of liquid.
  3. After mopping up every drop possible, unplug laptop (yes, this should have been done much sooner), proceed to carry laptop next door to my room.  (Sidenote: I have a killer 10-second commute to work every day.)
  4. Plug in hairdryer and try to get rid of whatever H2O is still savaging my computer’s innards.
  5. Go back to the scene of the crime to solicit more advice on how to save an endangered species of laptop.
  6. Run to the school cafeteria to beg a large pan from the cooks.  Return to room, place laptop in pan, and dump entire existing supply of rice over it in a bid to absorb any remaining water.  Return to kitchen with pan-and-laptop combination to beg more rice to further cover laptop.
  7. Remember that the battery is still in the computer, and attempt to remove it.  Realize that a mini-screwdriver is needed to remove the battery. Recognize the fact that I don’t own a mini-screwdriver, and start asking around frantically to find someone who does have the needed tool.
  8. Learn that the needed screwdriver will be available after lunch.  Go eat and listen to everyone’s sympathy.
  9. Remove battery, wipe inner cavity of computer, blow dry it for good measure, then place battery neatly in rice, along with the rest of the vital technology. Let stand for approximately two days.
  10. Remove computer from rice.  Realize that some of the rice is now stuck under the keyboard of the laptop.  Break one key while attempting to remove it to dislodge the rice.
  11. Watch two youtube videos on laptop keyboard removal/reinstallation.
  12. Unscrew every tiny screw on the bottom of the laptop, try to lift the top up enough to get the keyboard out, wonder why it isn’t working.
  13. Return to youtube, realize that I watched the wrong video, and find the right video, only to discover that removal of all those screws was completely unnecessary.  Watch new video multiple times.
  14. Follow correct steps to remove keyboard, and successfully clean out every remnant of rice, then reinstall keyboard more-or-less correctly.
  15. Start putting the bottom screws back in.  This is more difficult than it looks!
  16. Get frustrated and give up until the next day.
  17. The next morning, re-insert computer battery and re-screw everything.  Hold down power button while simultaneously holding breath.  Realize that all of that effort was in vain.
  18. I think I need some chocolate.

Thus ends my saga of the waterlogged laptop.  Have you ever had any memorable computer disasters?  How did you recover from them?

10 thoughts on “Free Form Friday: The Saga of a Waterlogged Laptop

  1. I like happy endings. This doesn’t have one. Asking God to write you one. My question is were you/will you be able to recover your data?

    • Thanks Mary. I don’t know yet if I will be able to recover my data, but I hope so. God has provided the last 2 computers I’ve had, so praying and trusting that somehow He will provide another one.

  2. I laughed. I thought you were funny. Was picturing the rice stuck to the computer. I thought for sure you would then try to salvage the rice and make it.

    I actually wrote my techy son to ask what he did when his computer got wet. But again, he’s a techy. He almost denies I’m his mom. Kidding. I hope I’m kidding. Thanks for the laugh. Sorry it is at great expense.

    • Any and all contributions toward my new computer fund are gladly welcomed Anne. 😉 Glad you were entertained any way. Even though I can’t laugh about it yet, I’m glad I can at least make other people smile/laugh.

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