Free Form Friday: Longing for Fall

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Just a little bit over one week left of August. At the end of next week, a new year of working with School of the Bible begins.

I don’t know offhand what the “official” first day of Fall is this year, though I’m sure it’s sometime in September, probably a few weeks from now. But for some reason, whenever the calendar clicks over to September, in my mind Fall has arrived.

Having lived in Texas for almost 8 years now, I have to disregard the indications of the weather here, which usually (and by that I mean always) exhibits an annoying tendency to remain not merely warm but downright hot for months after Summer’s official expiration date has come and gone. As a native of the Great Northwest, this has always been a jarring contradiction for me, and one that I am no longer sure I will truly get used to. One would think that after over half a decade here I would no longer be surprised by the ongoing need for short sleeves all the way into October, or perhaps even November.

I’m not going to lie. Right now I long for Fall. The changing of the leaves, a crispness in the air, long sleeves, seasonal decorations. All these things call to me, as I sit trapped in air conditioned buildings or swelter while walking short distances outside.

And yes, maybe I’m coming off a bit whiny in this post. I will be the first to own up to that fact. Truth be told, I want Fall weather, and I want it now, please-and-thank-you-very-much. Alas, the forecast has yet to comply with my wishes.

How about you, dear reader? Are you longing for Fall? Or something else? Feel free to share your thoughts and comments below.

6 thoughts on “Free Form Friday: Longing for Fall

  1. I’m totally longing for Fall, but work hard not to rush into anything. We’re buying a house nestled up in the middle of Foliage Village, MA! So seeing the trees change is going to be awesome when we’re getting the house ready for us to move in! But it also will be my last year watching the trees change in Central Park, so it’s a bit emotional from that end. Either way, exciting times.

    A lot changing this fall!

    • That’s exciting! I’m sure the trees at your new place will be gorgeous in fall, but can also understand why you will miss seeing the trees change in Central Park. Hope your move goes well!

  2. geez, fall?? like autumn?? can’t recall the last time i actually had one. probably college when i was in washington state. like texas, phoenix doesn’t do fall. at least not until the middle of winter. i do miss four seasons, though. heat gets old. but i’m sure i’d say the same if all i knew was endless snow.

    • I grew up in Seattle, Tim, which is probably why I’m such a “Fall girl” Not a fan of Texas summers, and I would have a hard time handling excessive cold too. I always miss home the most this time of year because the calendar and the weather are in such conflict for me.

  3. Alas, no seasons in Southern California, so for me I do mark the seasons by the turning of the calendar. I am flumoxed because kids start school in August, which is STILL summer in my book, so it’s weird to be on campus and not the beach. It’s messing up my internal seasonal clock! For me, fall starts the day after Labor Day.

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