The Return of Free Form Fridays, featuring the Paul Colman Trio!

Hi Everyone!
I apologize for the lack of updates over the past two weeks.  The beginning of a new school is always a bit crazy, and thus, I have neglected my blog.  Regular updates will resume next week.  In the meantime…it’s Free Form Friday!  And for your enjoyment, here is a video of the Paul Colman Trio (a great band) performing “Land Down Under” in Canberra.  Good band, with a great sense of humor.  Enjoy!

Free Form Friday: The Recipe For Your Daily Bread


(In interest of full disclosure, I got this recipe from my friend Jessica.  Having eaten it many times, I can assure you that it is, indeed, delicious.)

Eating healthy. Mom always said you should, and Mom knows best, right? But with the large amount of preservatives found in the simplest of foods these days, many think that it is a lost cause. Don’t be so quick to give up. Bread is one of the staples of the American diet, and here is a simple way to bake your own healthy alternative to the preservative-loaded white bread you’re eating now. It’s easier (and tastier) than you think.

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Free Form Friday: Do it like Bubba (for your viewing pleasure)

My friend Dustin Tavella was on the t.v. show Sweet Home Alabama, as one of the “city guys”.  While there, he made friends with several of the “country guys”, including one really cool cowboy named Bubba.  Dustin is an extremely talented musician, and this video was the result of that friendship.  Enjoy.  😉

Free Form Fridays: “Now I Know”

Happy Friday afternoon!  I’m going to keep this post short, on account of the fact that I’m currently suffering from a migraine, and hence in no condition to write anything truly worth reading.
That said, you can check out this guest post I wrote for Donya Dunlap’s blog.  It talks a bit about an experience I had while on a missions trip to Nepal.  I hope you enjoy it.  🙂

Free Form Friday #3-Hello, Goodbye

Welcome to the third edition of Free Form Friday!  Can you tell I like Fridays?  😉
So here’s what is “forming” in my head today.  Thoughts of hellos and goodbyes.  (Clever connection to the title, no?)  I love what I do, working with the School of the Bible.  I get to spend the better part of every year with the same group of students-teaching them, building relationships, watching them grow, crying, laughing, and having a lot of fun along the way.

Free Form Fridays #2-Jeff Goins Wrecked My Weekend (And I’m Thankful)

*drumroll please*  It’s the return of Free Form Fridays!  I honestly have no idea if this is even remotely interesting to anyone else, but I have to admit that I like doing them anyways.  And since it is my blog, I think this is here to stay for the forseeable future.  At least, until I get bored with it, or something along those lines.  😉

So, on that note…who the heck is this Jeff Goins guy anyway, and how did he wreck my weekend?

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Free Form Friday


Welcome to the very first installment of Free Form Friday!

While I intend to keep this blog primarily focused on missions, and other topics as they intersect with it, I’ve decided to make Friday my “fun day.”  My “write whatever the heck I feel like writing” day.  I hope you enjoy it, and as always, feel free to leave comments on the randomness that is about to ensue.  😉

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