Free Form Fridays: “Now I Know”

Happy Friday afternoon!  I’m going to keep this post short, on account of the fact that I’m currently suffering from a migraine, and hence in no condition to write anything truly worth reading.
That said, you can check out this guest post I wrote for Donya Dunlap’s blog.  It talks a bit about an experience I had while on a missions trip to Nepal.  I hope you enjoy it.  🙂

Free Form Friday


Welcome to the very first installment of Free Form Friday!

While I intend to keep this blog primarily focused on missions, and other topics as they intersect with it, I’ve decided to make Friday my “fun day.”  My “write whatever the heck I feel like writing” day.  I hope you enjoy it, and as always, feel free to leave comments on the randomness that is about to ensue.  😉

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