Guest post: A Journal Junkie’s Guide to Journaling

Just a quick “public service announcement” to let you know that today I posted my very first guest post, over on Lindsay Morelli’s blog.  It is on the subject of journaling, and if you feel like having a look, you can see it here.


Regular blogging will resume later this evening.


This concludes my public service announcement.  😉

Gifts, emotions, and a bride to be

Note:  This musing is taken from one of my journal entries, written on July 2nd, while I was on vacation.  I hope it encourages you!


Made my Dad a card for his birthday-a simple thing of crayons and folded paper, more suited to a child than a 32 year old woman, but I hope he likes it.  Looking forward to giving him his present tomorrow.


God is suddenly showing me that He also gets excited, when He gives us gifts and sees us use them for the first time.  Mind blowing.  The God of the universe gets genuine joy from the unconscious smile on my face when I sing certain songs or write a draft of something, or do a halfway-decent job teaching something.