Free Form Friday #3-Hello, Goodbye

Welcome to the third edition of Free Form Friday!  Can you tell I like Fridays?  😉
So here’s what is “forming” in my head today.  Thoughts of hellos and goodbyes.  (Clever connection to the title, no?)  I love what I do, working with the School of the Bible.  I get to spend the better part of every year with the same group of students-teaching them, building relationships, watching them grow, crying, laughing, and having a lot of fun along the way.

A Few Thoughts on Missions (guest post by Josh Heyward)

(Today I’m featuring the first ever guest post on, written by Josh Heyward.  You can also check out his blog or look him up on twitter.  If you want to write a guest post for missionsmusings, here’s how.)    

Missions. Many different things come to mind with this one word—a straw hut overseas, a spring break mission trip, inner city ministry, caring for the poor, etc. The fact of the matter is that the word “missions” means something different to each individual.  Some relate very well to this term being that they are totally comfortable with being in an unfamiliar environment in order to serve other people, yet others run from the idea being that they fear being called to live in that straw hut overseas.  Whatever the case, each individual’s understanding is different.  I would, however like to discuss two key elements of missions to hopefully clear the muddy waters of such a diverse and crucial idea.

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Free Form Fridays #2-Jeff Goins Wrecked My Weekend (And I’m Thankful)

*drumroll please*  It’s the return of Free Form Fridays!  I honestly have no idea if this is even remotely interesting to anyone else, but I have to admit that I like doing them anyways.  And since it is my blog, I think this is here to stay for the forseeable future.  At least, until I get bored with it, or something along those lines.  😉

So, on that note…who the heck is this Jeff Goins guy anyway, and how did he wreck my weekend?

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Gifts, emotions, and a bride to be

Note:  This musing is taken from one of my journal entries, written on July 2nd, while I was on vacation.  I hope it encourages you!


Made my Dad a card for his birthday-a simple thing of crayons and folded paper, more suited to a child than a 32 year old woman, but I hope he likes it.  Looking forward to giving him his present tomorrow.


God is suddenly showing me that He also gets excited, when He gives us gifts and sees us use them for the first time.  Mind blowing.  The God of the universe gets genuine joy from the unconscious smile on my face when I sing certain songs or write a draft of something, or do a halfway-decent job teaching something.

A quick note

Hi All!  Sorry for my online absence for the past week and a half.  I’ve been on vacation and haven’t had much access to the internet.  Regular blogging will return next week.  🙂

Free Form Friday


Welcome to the very first installment of Free Form Friday!

While I intend to keep this blog primarily focused on missions, and other topics as they intersect with it, I’ve decided to make Friday my “fun day.”  My “write whatever the heck I feel like writing” day.  I hope you enjoy it, and as always, feel free to leave comments on the randomness that is about to ensue.  😉

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Stolen Inspirations (Go!)

It’s Day 6 of the Writer’s Challenge.  Today’s challenge is to “steal” inspiration from the world around you-from other artists, quotes, song lyrics, etc. and use that as a springboard to your own creativity.  Challenge duly accepted.  Read on.  😉

“From the top of the world / to the bottom rung / ’til the work is done / I’m gonna send you.  From the ends of the earth / to the nearest gap / all over the map / I’m gonna send you.”  (From the song “Go” by the Newsboys)

Anyone who knows me well knows that I am an avowed CCM junkie-I love Christian music in general, and the Newsboys have long been one of my favorite bands.  (Both as a band and various solo projects put out by current and former members.)  I’m the kind of girl who can (and often does) quote obscure lyrics at the drop of a hat, and will sing along with every single song at a concert.

The Archer & The Unicorn-Chapter Two

Here is chapter two of the fiction book I’ve been working on.  As I said in the previous post, any thoughts or feedback would be very welcomed.

If Count Robert de Brant had any passion greater than the hunt for animals, it was the hunt for royal favor and a higher rank than he now possessed.  His current goal was to gain the earldom of the Northern March, which would provide not only a higher title, but richer lands and a wider stage for his ambitions.

          The young king was due to pass through his lands on an inspection in less than a month, and if de Brant played his cards right he was certain he could convince the king that he was the right man to take over the long-empty March.  This rare unicorn could be the perfect opportunity to impress his sovereign.
          The clatter of hooves and the rattle of weapons announced the return of the rearguard.  De Brant adjusted his sable cloak and stepped out from the doorway, along with the castle steward.  He was eager to gloat over his prize…which seemed to be mysteriously missing…
            “Where is my unicorn?”

De Brant expected an immediate answer, or someone was going to get hurt.  The spear men pulled back a bit, leaving more than ample room for a scout with a bandage-swathed head to take what was coming to him.

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The Archer & The Unicorn-Chapter One

In answer to the 15 day writer’s challenge I’ve been participating in, I’m posting a very rough draft of chapter one of a fiction book I’ve been working on.  I would love to hear any comments or feedback my readers have.  Chapter Two will be posted shortly  Thanks for reading!

“He hadn’t always lived like this.  Once life had been good.  Once he had a beautiful wife, a small homestead, the respect every man should have, and a chance at a family.  All of that had been swept away in one brief, bitter moment, with the thunder of hooves and the flash of a spear cutting all light and joy out of Stephen’s life forever.

            He could still see Eleanor in his mind’s eye, smiling as she went out that day to gather blackberries.  It was only a short walk from his homestead to the forest, and she laughed at his concern for her safety.  She was always laughing though.  It was one of the things that drew him to her in the first place.  Her easy, good natured humor.  She had a quick wit, but never used it to belittle others.  She never laughed at his limp or small stature.
            Stephen heard again in memory his wife’s scream as Count de Brant’s spear went through her, while the boar that it had been its intended target charged off into the underbrush.  Stephen had begged for a farthing to pay the local healer, but the count barely paused long enough to ask, “If you cared for her so much, why did you let her wander off into my hunting run?”  Stephen wept helplessly as she bled out in his arms.